Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Bags

This was one of the first mixed media bags I made. It started off as a crazy patchwork base and then I embellished on top of it with buttons, beads and tape.
Making bags is a bit of a family obsession. My mom loves making bags and her sister, my aunt, is also a bag maker. My daughter Kate (aged 12) also loves making bags, and enjoys rummaging around fabric shops looking for off cuts. I guess you could say we are all 'old bags.'
This year I've made lots of bags for Kate's friends, birthday presents. This particular bag I posted on Bid or Buy and sold it within a few days. I have made about three bags using the same little girl on the front, she has an innocents about her and at the same time seems almost sad, it works well with the words that I like to put on my bags.

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